e-Framer Duo

Washer - Floor Mounted
e-Framer is designed to contrast with the existing blocky floodlights and spotlights. The showcases are a compact high-performance tool that can host a multitude of optics which allows this product to be used in all kinds of Architectural and urban applications.
e-Framer product blend smoothly within its environment. In spite the compact design of e-Framer can host different optics to serve different lighting situations.
This product can be mounted vertically or horizontally allowing designers to illuminate horizontal, sloped, and vertical surfaces alike.

Product Features:
• Homogeneous color mixing within one reflector
• IP 66
• Different optics serving different type of light distribution
Product Specifications
Polar Curve
High Distribution / LOR: 50%
Wide Distribution / LOR: 50%
Square Distribution / LOR: 50%
Section Drawing