Lightway 3

Cut-Off Washer - Surface Mounted
The Lightway 3 Washer marks a breakthrough in wall washing illumination as it offers different outputs with a flawless surface uniformity while blocking the backward and longitudinal light spill. It is glare- and light-pollution free!
The Lightway 3 Washer is designed to be highly configurable and adaptable to a wide variety of commercial and architectural interior lighting applications.

• True wall wash distribution. 
• Optimized cut-off: blocking the backward and longitudinal light spill (glare-free)
• Homogeneous color mixing within one reflector cell
• Continuous rows or individual fixtures
Product Specifications
  • Washer lighting product with extruded aluminum body.
  • Finishes in black smooth, white smooth, gray smooth, black textured, white textured and custom colors upon request.
  • Used in indoor environments, recessed trimless in gypsum surface.
  • Available Color temperatures (CCT): 2,700K - 3,000K - 4,000K
  • Color rendering index CRI 90+.
Polar Curve
LOR: 40%
Section Drawing
Mounting Ratio
Setback from the wall is defined by wall texture and height. Consult factory for optimal setback according to your project conditions.