Circular - Pendant Direct
The pixelier modern concept allows arranging the luminaire in any desired shape. A highly configurable system in terms of shape and output performance. This central lighting unit has an aesthetic value, besides its high definition illumination.
  • Flexibility of mounting height with 3 beam angles
  • Homogeneous color mixing within one reflector
Product Specifications
  • Ambient lighting product with extruded aluminum body.
  • Finishes in black smooth, white smooth, gray smooth, black textured, white textured and custom colors upon request.
  • Used in indoor environments, pendant direct on stone, concrete, metal or wood surfaces.
  • Base of 1.57 in and a height of 7.87.
  • Delivered luminous output per meter from 150lm to 1080lm.
  • Available Color temperatures (CCT): 2,700K - 3,000K - 4,000K .
  • Color rendering index CRI 90+.
  • Light emission square beam: 36°, 50° and 60°
Polar Curves
Beam Angle 50°
Beam Angle 24°
Beam Angle 38°
Section Drawing