Zinc Ray

Washer - Surface Mounted
Zinc is designed to contrast with the existing blocky linear floodlights and spotlights. Where developers are trying to hide fixtures using additional architectural details to reduce their visual impact, it is time to display a performance tool without being apologetic. Zinc offers a high performance outdoor fixture with pleasing aesthetics and unobtrusive form.
Zinc line leaves minimal physical impact while blending smoothly within its environment. In spite the compact design Zinc luminaires can host different optics to serve different lighting situations.
This product can be mounted vertically or horizontally and has a tilt adjustment up to 90°, allowing designers to illuminate horizontal, sloped, and vertical surfaces alike.

Product Features:
• Homogeneous color mixing within one reflector
• Uniformity of 1:4
• IP 65
• Different optics serving different lighting application: 
   o Wall washer
   o Wall grazer
   o Flood light
Product Specifications
  • Washer lighting product with extruded aluminum body.
  • Finishes in black smooth, white smooth, gray smooth and custom colors upon request.
  • Used in outdoor environments, surface mounted on stone, concrete, metal or wood surfaces.
  • Depth of 32mm, lengths of 30cm, 60cm, and 90cm. Height is  141mm.
  • Delivered luminous output per meter from 1350lm to 2500lm.
  • Available Color temperatures (CCT): 2,700K - 3,000K and 4,000K,tunable white (2,700K - 5,000K), and warm dimming (2200K-3000K).
  • Color rendering index CRI 90+.
Polar Curve
LOR: 73%
Section Drawing
Mounting Ratio
Setback from the wall is defined by wall texture and height. Consult factory for optimal setback according to your project conditions.