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Baku - Nizami Street

Rendez vous : 2014

Emplacement: Azerbijan, Baku



Nizami Street stretches over 2.2 miles and is located in the heart of the countries striving capital, it accommodates a lineup of various shopping outlets, banks, embassies, & companies. The street has a special significance for its historical value. It roots back to the 19th century with embellished architecture of baroque, neoclassical, & neo-gothic buildings. 

To highlight the details of the splendid buildings, Vice installed Lightway 5 wall grazers that emphasized the architectural distinction of the street. The fittings created optimum vertical spread in favor of the accentuate and textured facades. Alongside with its great visual performance the fittings respected the visual comfort, without leading to extra spread of light pollution, complying with the light zone requirements.

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