Lightway 5

Asymmetric lens - Recessed With Trim
The Lightway 5 Asymmetrical Linear Lens is part of a configurable system of linear LED luminaires providing flexible solutions for all indoor applications.
This Asymmetrical Lens offers powerful lighting and excellent light transmission with high diffusion and homogeneity while blocking the backward throw.
  • Superior optical transmission with no visible LED hotspots. Homogeneous lighting over the side wall.
  • Asymmetrical illumination for homogeneous adjacent wall lighting
  • Great color mixing capability
Product Specifications
  • Ambient lighting product with extruded aluminum body.
  • Finishes in black smooth, white smooth, gray smooth, black textured, white textured and custom colors upon request.
  • Used in indoor environments, recessed with trim in gypsum, metal or wood surfaces.
  • Width of 51mm, height of 80mm and length ranging from 300 to 3000mm with an increment of 300mm.
  • Delivered luminous output per meter from 900lm to 4100lm.
  • Available Color temperatures (CCT): 2,700K - 3,000K - 4,000K and tunable white (2,700K - 5,000K).
  • Color rendering index CRI 90+.
  • Cutout: length - 13mm / width 56mm / depth 99mm.
Polar Curves
Asymmetrical Lens
Section Drawing