Lightway 5 - Outdoor

RGBW Beam - Extended Adjustable Bracket
The Lightway 5 Outdoor RGBW beam is developed for maximum performance in harsh environmental conditions. Made from extruded aluminum, this IP65 element benefits from a wide variety of outputs. The Beam compatible with a wide array of beam angles, generating a powerful overall lighting effect.
  • Delivers High levels of light
  • Integrates with any architecture.
Product Specifications
  • Ambient lighting product with extruded aluminum body.
  • Finishes in black fine textured, white textured, gray smooth and custom colors upon request.
  • Width of 50mm, height of 65mm and length ranging from 300 to 1200mm with an increment of 300mm.
  • Light emission beam: 17° and 30° and 45° and 15°x36°.
Polar Curves
Beam Angle 17°
Beam Angle 30°
Beam Angle 45°
Beam Angle 15x36°
Section Drawing